Some of my highly visible photos are on the panorama information boards  on  Gan Gan Lookout in Nelson Bay.  Another set of photos was taken on that location for the promotional leaflet for the lookout with some local friends as "models". Gan Gan lookout is a beautiful spot where visitors can take stunning photos.

A little about me....


I was born and raised in the Netherlands where I studied law (LlM) in Amsterdam and  built a career in the insurance and re-insurance industry. My wife and I moved to Australia after retirement in 1999.


Photography has always been one of my favourite hobbies. As a twelve year old I shot black and white with a "Box Brownie". My first SLR was a Praktica and later in life I used many "point and shoots". The first digital camera - a Kodak DC100 - and the advent of the World Wide Web stimulated  me into learning more about web page and graphic design.


At present I have a Canon mirrorless R5 - with the Canon R for backup - with some good glass (RF24-105 F/4 L, a Sigma 150-600mm Sports, a 50mm F/1.4 and  the RF70-200mm F/2.8) + the wide angle RF 15-35 F/2.8 some tripods, umbrellas, speedlights and the like. My main photographic interest is recording events in such a way that the photos tell the story of what happened and what people experienced. For two years in succession I am "official photographer" during the District  (9670) Conferences of Rotary and for the Australia Day committee in Nelson Bay. In 2012 I recorded the PacRim Sailing Challenge on behalf of the committee. But once in a while I like to go out and shoot some birds or other wildlife and the surfers on One Mile Beach are a challenge to catch them at just the right moment. And as my wife and I love to travel I get plenty opportunity to take photos in exotic places.


My passion for photography I try to convey to my students at the Tomaree Community College where I teach DSLR photography. In the course I try to help students familiarise themselves with and get the full potential out of their DSLR camera. Apart from things like exposure as a result of "shutter speed", "aperture" and "ISO"  we talk about photographic styles, composition, using flash, special techniques and a lot more.

All images on this web site are copyrighted by Henk Tobbe - 2014.   - More of my photos on Flickr